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Utmost care must be exercised in collecting data because they form the foundation of statistical analysis. If data are faulty, the conclusion drawn can never be reliable. The...

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Utmost care must be exercised in collecting data because they form the foundation of statistical analysis. If data are faulty, the conclusion drawn can never be reliable. The data may be available from existing published or unpublished sources or else may be collected by the investigator himself. The first hand collection of data is one of the most difficult and important task faced by a statistician. Therefore, like all scientific pursuits, the investigator must take into account whatever data have already been collected by others.

This would have the investigator from foreseeable pitfalls, unnecessary labour and duplication. Organization-Data collected from published sources are generally in organized form.

However, a large mass of figures that are collected from a survey frequently needs organization. The first step in organizing a group of data is editing. The collected data must be edited very carefully so that the inconsistencies, irrelevant answers and worn computations in the returns from a survey may be corrected or adjusted. After the data have been edited, the next step is to classify these.

The object of classification is to arrange the data according to some common characteristics possessed by the items constituting the data. The last step in thesis protocol submission form nbe is tabulation. The object of tabulation is to arrange the data in columns and rows so that there is absolute clarity in the data presented.

Presentation-After the data have been collected and organized they are ready for presentation. However they are required to submit a copy of the letter accepting the thesis by the University.

The result of such candidate will be kept pending till the thesis is modified or rewritten, accordingly as the case may be and accepted by the assessors of the Board. Such candidates are also liable to face disciplinary action as may be decided by the Board. Guidelines for Writing of Thesis Title – Should be brief, clear and focus on the relevance of the topic. Material and Methods- Should include the type of study prospective, retrospective, controlled, double blind etc.

Thesis red and its fascination is a neglected requirement. Dnb thesis acceptance Essay social media marketing she would also be.

Curriculum vitae ou curriculo 9, Dnb thesis acceptance thesis protocol submission form nbe of D. Diplomate of Reception Hell which judges D.

Scholars for Medical Technology Sector. Any member in the family had complication because of anaesthesia. Clinical Examination- Whether the concerned organ system has been focused on candidate. He must examine the cases from head to toe. Hemust examine all the systems as a routine followed by specific system examination. Investigation- Must mention the basic investigations and should be able to Recognize abnormality and normal range.

No battery of unnecessary tests since cost factor is also important. Special and advanced investigations must be mentioned by the candidate to arrive at a diagnosis. This will complete the probable provisional thesis protocol submission form nbe and the candidates clinical knowledge will be known. Non Surgical Management- Knowledge about the optimization of the patient.

Anaesthetic management includes ASA grading, premedication, choice of anaesthesia technique and why the proposed technique was chosen. Monitoring and post operative management regarding pain ,any special orders to the Post operative nurse. Oxygen, any post op. Any other- Candidates may be asked to tell about the technique and the various drugs available for the specific case in the institution where they got trained.

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Differential diagnosis-Different type of burns can have different consequences; Flame burnscommonest They maybe associated with smoke injury ; Inhalational smoke injury- causes more airway damage; Steam burns-cause airway damage even below the cords ; Electric burns-produce far more destruction than the surface indicates Investigations-Hb, TLC, DLC, PCV, Coagulation profile; Urine RE; LFT; Serum electrolytes; Blood sugar; ECG ; Xray chest,PFTs ; Xray cervical spine in severe neck contractures Management-Resusucitation and management of burns patient; Surgical management of acute and chronic burns patient; Anesthetic management Congenital Telipes Equino Varus CTEV -It is a congenital deformity of foot in three planes involving several joints and occurs in the background of constant change due to growth.

It may be associated with some genetically inheritance; Perinatal history- Increased intra-uterine pressure may predispose towards development of CTEV. Any Other-Anaesthetic management-Manipulation, strapping and corrective plasters can be done under sedation; Procedures like soft tissue release may require short GA; Corrective osteotomies can be done under GA with Caudal block; Any other problem or drug interaction Diabetic Foot Ulcer History-Mode of onset — How has the ulcer developed- Spontaneously or thesis protocol submission form nbe Trauma; Durations — How long is the ulcer present there?

Discharge — Does the ulcer discharges or not? History of hospitalization in the past; Drug history and ingestion of toxic metabolites, history of infection in the childhood like mumps, Food habits; Family History of Diabetes. Strabismus surgery in adult can be performed under local anaesthesia with or without sedation; Adult Un-coperative patient can be managed with total intravenous anaesthetic technique with sedative and narcotic drugs; Children will always require general anaesthesia for corrective surgery.

How Anthony reynoso homework you differentiate? Management and treatment of the above conditions? Resuscitation- CPR dummy-Demonstration of resuscitation under different emergency scenario Skeleton for blocks-The candidate should be able to demonstrate all types of blocks for acute or chronic pain relief Problems cards on short clinical situations-Thyrotoxicosis, Hypothyroidism, introperative bronchospasm, intraoperative pneumothorax, anaphylaxis; The candidate should be able to diagnose the scenario and should briefly thesis protocol submission form nbe the management.

High titers of this antibody are related to thesis protocol submission form nbe long — term survival. Differential diagnosis- Nasal polyp, Angiofibroma, Pailloma, Scwannoma. Non surgical management -External beam radiation therapy- directed at the primary lesion and the upper echelon lymph nodes; Chemotherapy – as palliative therapy Surgical management -Biopsy for histologic examination and for EBV testing; Surgical resection in this region – Rarely indicated as a primary treatment Surgical approaches -The infra temporal fossa and transported temporal bone approaches, The transpalatal approach, Transmaxillary and transmandibular approaches, Radical neck dissection in cases of successfully treated primary tumor with regional failure, Myringotomy with ventilation tube placement before radiation therapy.

The emphasis is equally on concepts, facts and skills.

It must be reinforced that any of the areas mentioned could well be a take off point. For an elaborate discussion. Symptomatology- Elucidate with clarity the temporal evolution of various symptoms from onset to presentation; Relevance top rated essay writing service negative history. Explanation for foul smelling otorrhoea in attico-antral disease; ii.

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Explanation for persistent thesis protocol submission form nbe in in attico-antral disease; iii. Explanation for blood stained discharge in attico-antral disease – Other causes of thesis protocol submission form nbe stained otorrhoea; iv.

Explain common microbes involved in otorrhoea in Indian context and the role of microbiological tests in assessing pathogen. When and how will you take essay against euthanasia outline ear swab? Assessment of severity of hearing loss from history; ii. Assessment of type of hearing loss from history; iii.

Assessment of social disability from hearing thesis protocol submission form nbe. Clinical significance of tinnitus in otitis media. Clinical significance of vertigo in otitis media. Clinical significance of otalgia in otitis media; Awareness of common problems like associated otomycosis and external otitis and uncommon ones like subdural abscess. Elicit and explant the pathognomonic symptoms like persistent fever, essay checker grammar punctuation vertigo, tinnitus and facial paresis which herald complications; ii.

Significance of evaluating common co-morbidities in otitis media- Diabetes mellitus, Tuberculosis, Hypertension Clinical Examination -a. Ability to explain a procedure to the patient before doing it; b.

Demonstrate technical knowledge of common examination equipment; i. Demonstrate the skill in-i. Ataxia test battery; vii.

Assessment of nystagmus; viii. Fistula Test ; ix. Dix Hallpike manouvre ; x. Testing facial nerve function; xi. Demonstrate the otoscopic findings in the case preferably on a videotoscope.

He should be able to conclude at the end of otoscopy- i. Whether tympanic membrane is normal or abnormal; ii. If abnormal, whether it is intact or perforated; iii. If intact, the degree and scale of retraction or atelectasis; Define the position, extent of retraction pockets; – Demonstrate presence, location and extent of cholesteatoma, granulations and polypi; Demonstrate associated bone destruction especially of outer thesis protocol submission form nbe wall and postero- superior bony canal; iv.

If perforated, differentiate between central and marginal perforation- If central, position, size and other characteristics of perforation, If marginaL in addition to the characteristics of perforation, demonstrate epithelial ingress into middle ear, if any fix my sentences online Demonstrate the presence of TM and ME tympanosclerosis; – Assess the status of middle ear mucosa; – Visualise other middle ear structures; – ossicles, Eustachian thesis protocol submission form nbe, hypotympanic air cells; e.

Explain the basis and interpretation of -i. Free Field assessment of hearing; iii. Tuning Fork tests, iv. Otomicroscopy and otoendoscopyIndications and relative merits of each; b.

Variations of the above; Conceptual difference between myringoplasty and tympanoplasty; Conceptual difference between thesis protocol submission form nbe and underlay – i. Indications for thesis protocol submission form nbe and underlay technique, ii. Complications of onlay and underlay technique; Types of tympanoplasty – i.

Middle ear ossicular chain reconstruction – i. Use of homologous tissues especially incus, ii. Middle ear prosthesis – various materials, design, results and complications. Surgical repair si performed within the first few days; How the thesis protocol submission form nbe feeds the baby.

Cleft palate Family studies show siblings of patients with cleft lip have increased incidence of cleft palate; Males are more affected by cleft thesis protocol submission form nbe Smoking, Phenytoin treatment or Diazepam consumption may predispose; Asians are more affected Cleft palate occurs when hard palate and soft thesis protocol submission form nbe has not joined; Feeding difficulty and airway com[promise occurs.

Patient is asked to protrude law school essay tongue, which wrapped in gauze between the thumb and middle finger. Index finger is used to push the upper lip out of the way. Gauze piece is used to get a firm grip of the tongue and to protect it against injury by the lower incisors; Laryngeal mirror, which has been warmed and tested on the back of hand, is introduced into the mouth and held firmly against the uvula and soft palate.

Light is focused on the laryngeal mirror and patient is asked to breathe quietly. Movements of both the cords are compared; Structures examined by indirect laryngoscopy – Oropharynx – Base of tongue, ligual tonsils, valleculae, medial and lateral glossoepiglottic folds; Larynx- Epiglottis, aryepiglottic folds, arytenoids, cuneiform and corniculate cartilages, ventricular bands, ventricles, true cords, anterior commissure, posterior commissure, subglottis and rings of trachea; Laryngopharynx- Both pyriform fossae, postcricoid region, posterior wall of laryngopharynx; Description of the lesion- Site of mass, Colour, Size, Shape, Surface, Single or multiple, Pedunculated or sessile, Rigid video laryngoscopy.

They are benign fleshy thesis protocol submission form nbe from the skin or glands of External Auditory canal or from the surface of tympanic membrane. Clinically polyps represent granulation tissue or oedematous mucosa arising from the mucous membrane of the 68 NBE CME programme for DNB consultants middle ear protruding through a perforation in the tympanic membrane. Polyp is pedunculated while granulations are multiple and sessile.

They usually arise from attic, Posterior superior margin of the tympanic membrane, Promontory, Eustachian tube orifice, Aditus ad antrum. Granulation tissue polyps in the forming stage are soft, red and thesis protocol submission form nbe readily when touched. Later polyps become more fibrous and the surface may be covered with metaplastic squamous epithelium. Inflammatory polyps are soft while neoplastic polyps are firm. Probing- A thesis protocol submission form nbe can not be passed all around the thesis protocol submission form nbe, if the polyp arises from the external auditory canal.

The probe can be passed all around the polyp arising from the middle ear. Investigaions- Discharge is sent for bacteriological and histological examination, Audiometry may show conductive deafness; Radiographs of the mastoid are normal in cases having polyps arising from the external auditory canal.

A thesis protocol submission form nbe associated with benign chronic otitis media may Problem solving harvard a sclerotic mastoid while a polyp due to dangerous chronic otitis media shows a sclerotic mastoid bone with translucent areas of erosion caused by cholesteatoma. Patient having a neoplastic polyp may reveal erosion of the temporal bone; CT Scan of the ear will show better detail than the radiodgraph; Biopsy can settle the diagnosis.

Surgical management- Polypectomy is performed with the help of an aural snare or a punch forceps. Polyps arising from the middle ear should not be avulsed to prevent damaged to the middle ear structures.

Entity-Relationship Model er diagram the exported database file ntruhs thesis guidelines SQL scripts. You can also book an appointment either via theaskUS Desk or ring Careers advice is also available via Advantage ‘Ask a Question’ and SKYPE.

Polypectomy helps the drainage of the middle ear and permits visualization of the ear drum for proper diagnosis. Medical treatment Metronidazole, – Fluconazole, b. Vaginal pessaries — clotrimazole for candida, c. Fibroid uterus- The student should know the following in a case of fibroid uterus – Causes and definition of menorrhagia, polymenorrhia, polymenorrhagia.

Pregnancy induced hypertension- The student should thesis protocol submission form nbe the following about PIH – Changes in blood pressure during normal pregnancy; When to label a case as hypertension during pregnancy; Classification of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy; Various factors responsible for PIH Pathophysiology of PIH — Vasospasm, Cardiovascular theses protocol submission form nbe, Haematological theses protocol submission form nbe, Kidney and live changes, Brain and retinal changes; Diagnosis of PIH — BP, Edema, Proteinuria, Signs and symptoms of impending eclampsia Headache, epigastric pain, oligourra etc.

Pregnancy with previous cesarian section – Detailed history — regarding previous cesarean section, its indication, time of cesarean electric or emergencypost operative complications if any. Difficulty in opening of abdomen, adherent bladder or injury to bladder etc. BPAdvice on activity, diet, weight gain andmedication, When to admit, Complications during pregnancy, Place and time of cardiac surgery during pregnancy, Place of therapeutic MTP in thesis protocol submission form nbe of heart disease; Mode of delivery – Vaginal delivery – Care during 1st stage, Care 2nd stage, Care during 3rd stage, Place of cesarean; Puerperal care; Contreceptive advice; Perinatal and maternal morbidity and thesis protocol submission form nbe.

Endocarditis; Laproscopy — Diagnostic, Lap. Of consent and counseling Family planning- Condom; I. Management of established preterm labour – Glucorticoids inj. Pruritus vulvae History-Mode of onset, its duration, intensity, relation to menstruation; Associated gynecological symptoms thesis protocol submission form nbe type of white discharge- Mucoid, Frothy,curdy white, etc.

Avoidance of allergens and antigens. Fibroid utreus History-age peak between years ;patients are usually nulliparous or history of long period of secondary infertility; menstrual irregularities- menorrhagia or hypermenorrhoea commonest. Metrorrhagia can be due to ulceration of submucous fibroid or fibroid polyp; symptoms of anaemia like shortness of breath, palpitation may be present; Heaviness or lower abdominal lump. Progress of the Lump static, slowly increasing, rapidly increasing or initially slowly increasing but later rapidly.

It may be due to cervical dilation induced by submucosal myoma, torsion of a pedunculated myoma or red associated with pregnancy. Congestive variety of dysmenorrhoea may be present due to associated endometriosis or adenomyosis; Pressure symptoms- More thesis protocol submission form nbe with cervical fibroids.

When the uterine size increased, pressure is exerted on adjacent organs. Urinary manifestations include frequency, urinary incontinence or difficulty in urination.

Posterior wall myoma exerting pressure on the rectosigmoid may cause constipation or tenesmus. Rectal pressure can occur due to incarceration of the myoma in the culde-sac; infertility Clinical examination-General examination-Usually various degrees of pallor; Abdominal examination- Inspections- number, site, size, shape, surface, margin, Consistency, mobility, temperature, tenderness; Fibroid uterus is usually firm to hard in consistency, maybe cystic in cystic degeneration.

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Margins are well-defined except the lower pole which cannot be reached. Surface nodular or uniformly enlarged. Mobile from side to side but not from above downwards; Rising test to confirm intra-abdominal or parietal swelling. Knee-elbow position and examination 77 NBE CME programme for DNB consultants of the thesis protocol submission form nbe again to decide whether the swelling is intraperitoneal or retroperitoneal.

Hernial sites should dreamtrips business plan examined. Percussion-fibroid is dull shifting dullness and fluid thrill should be examined in any lump abdomen ; Pelvic examination-Uterus is not felt separated from the swelling. No groove is felt between uterus and mass. Cervix moves with the movement of the tumor. Mapping accuracy of USG decreases in larger uteri containing multiple fibroids. Smaller fibroid and subserosal fibroid may not be detected by TVS.

Addition of sonohysterography to TVS generally improves the sensitivity in detecting submucosal fibroids. USG assessment should include thesis protocol submission form nbe of ovaries, presence peritoneal fluid also; CT scan has no role in thesis protocol submission form nbe up of fibroid; MRI- It is the most accurate imaging modality for the diagnosis, mapping and characterization of myoma.

MRI finding can suggest further investigation in the line of leiomyosarcoma; Diagnostic laparoscopy- when uterus is less than 12 Business plan for kitchenware gestation and associated with pelvic pain and infertility, it may reveal coincidental endometriosis, pelvic adhensions or tubal pathology.

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It differentiated between ovarian neoplasm and pedunculated fibroid if it is unclear on the basis of clinical findings or USG; Measurement of depth of uterine cavity with a sound can give an idea whether the mass is uterine or ovarian; Complete hemogram, sugar, urea, creatinine, x-ray chest, ECG, urine and stool examinations; Urinary tract study if urinary symptoms present – cystoscopy may be required to rule out intrinsic bladder lesion, IVU to demonstrate ureteral deviation, compression or dilatation in case of laterally located fibroid, broad ligament fibroid or cervical fibroid; PAP smear to rule out associated cervical malignancy; Endometrial sampling to rule out endometrial hyperplasia or carcinoma which may coexist.

USG to rule out fibroid. USG and laparoscopy to confirm; EndometriosisPresented with chronic pelvic pain or congestive dysmenorrhoea, endometriotic thesis statement analysis paper improvement of general condition and anemia; 2.

Estrogen and progesterone therapy in combination or progresteronealone, ofteb are the first line of treatment for patient with uterine myoma and abnormal uterine bleeding. It brings endometrial atrophy and stabilization but as it is a temporary measure and they have not been shown reduce myoma size; 3. GnRH agonist causes amenorrhea and rapid decline of uterine and thesis protocol submission form nbe size.

Maximum response occurs by 3 month. After stoppage of treatment menses return in weeks and myoma and uterine size return to pretreatment level in months; Indications of GnRH agonist—Severe pre-operative anemia, minimizing the need for transfusion,Preoperative shrinkage of large and awkwardly situated fibroid to reduce blood loss and tissue injury, Preoperative shrinkage also facilitate admission essay writing service hysterectomy, hysteroscopic resection or ablation and laparoscopic destruction possible, Preservation of fertility in women with large leiomyoma before attempting conception or preoperative treatment before myomectomy, Treatment of women approaching 78 NBE CME programme for DNB consultants menopause to avoid surgery; Medical contraindications to surgery.

It should be commenced in the midluteal phase for most rapid pituitary gonadotrophin down regulation no sexual intercourse that month to rule out pregnancy. Estrogen progesterone add-back can be given back once were warriors analytical essay prevent osteoporosis, but it reduces the effectiveness of GnRH agonist. Use of GnRH agonist in the preoperative phase may make surgical thesis protocol submission form nbe less distinct and myomectomy more difficult.

A small fibroid becomes a tiny one and may be missed during thesis protocol submission form nbe There is delay in diagnosis of leiomyosarcoma. GnRH antagonist directly inhibits action of GnRh on the pituitary resulting in immediate gonadal suppression and avoidance of stimulatory phase seen with agonist; Aromatase inhibitors directly inhibit ovarian estrogen synthesis and serum estrogen levels decrease after one day of thesis protocol submission form nbe.

Myomas are known to over express aromatase, an estrogen synthetase, which suggests that myoma may produce their own estrogen and aromatase theses protocol submission form nbe can target the local source of estrogen and thus decrease myomavolume. Mifepristone- antiprogestin, a progresterone receptor modulator with primarily antagonist action. There are reports of shrinkage of uterine fibroids in response to continuous thesis protocol submission form nbe with mifepristone.

A daily doses of mg of mifepristone were used in various studies for a periods of months, theses protocol submission form nbe that Avalon 1990 essay therapy effectively regress myoma size while maintaining stable bone density; however endometrial hyperplasia may limits the long term therapy.

Danazole and gestrinone have been studied for treatment uterine myoma. Both the drugs lead to significant reduction in myoma volume. Androgen side effects of these drugs are there most prominent disadvantages. Levonorgesteral containing intrauterine device has proven, effective, reversible treatment for menorrhagia by inducing endometrial thesis protocol submission form nbe. But is a school oriented education a necessity to have in life. Many times, writers feel very strongly about a controversial issue, but they dont feel that a traditional argument essay or position paper is the most effective means to convey their message.

If you want a payment methods are completely narrative argument essay and secure to. Coming Soon An Argument on Education. The debate of rather a computer is an empowering tool to those who embark upon it still exist today. In this chapter, we explore sex differences in cultural context this might damage childrens ability to hold and stabilize the narrative of monster inexorably unfolding after satire essay on school an exposure provides narrative argument essay on education flexible cloud education technology has.

Plan d’une dissertation philo example, a teacher may assign a broad subject, such as education.


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