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    There are many types and styles of music with trends and legacies that have left us after leaving their mark at a certain time. Classical music or academic music is an art that has accompanied humanity during years of evolution, since the bases and structures that would categorize it as such were established. Eventually we reach a point where we move away from formality and begin to break the rules, it is there an important point in history where we take a different path and diversify.

    In this lesson from a TEACHER you will discover what modern music is: main characteristics , so you will learn more about this concept that you have surely heard before and you will learn about the genre and its development.

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    What is modern music: easy definition

    By " modern " we mean what belongs to the present and what is happening today. With this concept we can say that modern music is all that music that is heard today. Be careful, it is very important not to confuse modern music with modernist music , which is another style that belongs to another specific stage of music based on Modernism , an artistic and thought current.

    In a more direct sense, we can say that when we speak of modern music we refer to all that is not classical or academic music . We can place this point of separation approximately in the twentieth century, when works that did not really belong to the framework of formal music began to be formally published and popularized (at that time the theater scene, with classical formations such as the orchestra, chamber music , concerts by soloists of virtuous works, etc.) but to a less exclusive and popular audience, with shorter works and social or creative functions.

    The inventions of technology and mass media such as radio and television played an important role in further separating modern music from classical music, distributing music and making it accessible to anyone without formal training in music. Art then becomes a determining factor that reflects the trends and ideals of each era, which begin to change dramatically and more frequently (compared to previous centuries).

    Eventually, with evolution and changes in history, trends are created that add new styles to the repertoire of modern music, to the point of having hundreds of new categories that can even happen simultaneously.

    What is modern music: main features – What is modern music: easy definition

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    Characteristics of modern music

    Before mentioning general characteristics, we must take into account that due to the number of genres and styles in modern music, we cannot go into very specific details, since each musical genre has its own characteristics. The modern panorama of music is very broad, including genres such as: Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Bossa Nova, Salsa, Hip-Hop, R&B, Gospel, Metal, Folk, Indie, Reggae, Instrumental, Musical, New Age and Electrónica among others.

    Here is a list of the main characteristics of modern music so that you can learn to differentiate it:

    It breaks with the traditions and formalities of classical music, there are no specific formalities and the main objective is sentimental expression.

    It usually appeals to a wider audience .

    It does not necessarily require musical training to be enjoyed or understood.

    There are both instrumental works and songs (works with lyrics).

    They are usually created as a method of artistic expression, by an artist’s own motivation and not necessarily commissioned, as was the case in earlier times.

    Most modern music works seek direct emotional connection with the listener, to achieve identification with the public.

    The marketing plays an important role as it allows the perpetuation of the artist and his work. For
    Free download MP3 , modern music is often linked to the media and marketing.

    Most of the musical groups are few in number, being groups, bands or soloists.

    Depending on the style, it usually has a specific identity or concept.

    The works can be experimental , without a specific meaning or objective, but for the fact of creating or studying sound.

    It is given by trends, styles that are all the rage at a certain time and that eventually, due to their success, usually have a boom in popularity.

    There is a constant mix in terms of styles, it is not uncommon for several genres to merge looking for new and interesting results.

    A large number of different musical instruments are used depending on the genre and musical style. Even so, some tend to be much more popular and frequent.

    It can include electrical instruments and unconventional instruments.

    Now that you know more about the concept of modern music, you can dedicate yourself to exploring the vast world that exists in terms of styles and fascinate yourself with their individual riches.