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    Concrete stairs are prevalent. They usually are chosen for installment both in non commercial structures and inoffices and restaurants, and also other locations. Also, they are suitable for outdoor set up. The primary features of concrete stairs:

    Flexibility. You are able to pick the best selection for outdoor or indoor set up. Concrete is proof against temperatures extreme conditions and various alterations in climatic conditions.

    Longevity. This sort of step ladder is bound to stand for several years and may not produce any problems with typical use.

    Increased strength indicators. Concrete buildings can withstand large plenty flawlessly. Per sq centimeter of tread – up to 1 ton. For that reason, these stairs are compatible with properties with high website traffic. Also, they are just the thing for lifting loads. There is absolutely no need to worry that this structure will deform.

    Immune to a variety of outside factors. Concrete is able to keep its attributes at high temperature and humidity, it is additionally immune to damage of various types, specifically – mechanized and compound.

    Comfort of use. Concrete stairs will not make noises when utilized, they are doing not creak or vibrate. We provide you with ergonomic designs which are very comfy in everyday use.

    Moreover, concrete stairs supply enough installment options. Especially, this structural aspect might be put in equally in the phase of creating a home, and then – already throughout completing. Regardless, it will likely be possible to create a reliable composition that may previous for several years. We meticulously estimate the dimensions and load, which allows us to pick the best solution for a particular scenario.

    Also, the main benefit of concrete stairs is a multitude of rates: equally economical models and premium alternatives are available. Simultaneously, the individual development of the dwelling allows you to entirely feel above the appearance of the stairs. A huge number of doing alternatives of different sorts are offered, which permits you to deliver any ideas to life. The concluded variation will suit properly to the internal.

    Levels of producing concrete stairs

    The very first stage of any work is preparation. At this stage, we, together with the customer:

    we agree with the design capabilities, its variety and layout;

    we decide the specified characteristics, specifically – measurements, layer thickness and others;

    we compute numerous signs, among which are the perspective of interest, the length and width of the mar, among others.

    After all the intricacies are agreed upon, an understanding is authorized plus an quote is drafted. Only following the established signing from the agreement does the building on its own commence:

    we build formwork from cafes or plywood;

    we attach steel reinforcement;

    we cook a concrete mixture and dump it in to the formwork;

    tamp straight down a covering of concrete;

    our company is waiting for the concrete to completely harden;

    we lay down the risers and provide the obtaining of the staircase.

    After the finishing this complex of functions, we start working on the outside decor. It is possible to use diverse supplies, for example, hardwood, decorative plaster, natural and artificial rock. If the staircase is entirely prepared, the thing is handed to the customer.

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