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    Our San Pedro Cactus for sale is harvested in the mountain tops of Peru, where by community tribes have already been harvesting for many years. They choose only the biggest and oldest vegetation (which are the finest for those cactus components). Our San Pedro natural powder originates from cacti that is at least three decades older. Initial, they cut the grow into parts, then a remove the thorns of spines. Then they go on to remove the flesh (exterior pores and skin from the cactus) along with the primary can be used for other purposes; the key or thorns are not component of our final product or service.

    Right after acquiring the flesh, it is actually left out in the sun to free of moisture naturally. This lack of fluids process is vital because any dampness can generate fungus or another ailments. Along with obtaining a healthy product, the ultimate excess weight is simply a tiny fraction of the plant in the event it was in existence, resulting in a 100 % pure natural powder.

    The sun-dehydrated flesh will then be cut into parts and sold as chips or they are driven within a mill creating a extremely great (flour like) powder.

    San Pedro Cactus for sale in the USA

    In the US, some buyers would rather purchase stay San Pedro cuttings from nearby farmers in State of arizona, Ca and also other says. San Pedro cactus can be a quick-developing cactus (when compared to other types of cacti) but it really still takes a long time to grow.

    Many people believe that San Pedro Cactus available for sale from Latin America (specifically Peru) is of the best for any San Pedro produced around the world. This is one of the reasons why most customers in the united states decide to purchase the San Pedro natural powder from Peru rather than the stay slicing produced in the united states.

    Another reason is that it is mucheasier and safer, and healthier to store San Pedro powder than to store a live cutting of a plant that can quickly grow mold or develop a disease or lose quality. Unless of course you use it immediately. Alternatively, plant it right away to grow in your backyard.

    Not only is the process more difficult, but also the growers would lose an immense amount of weight in the peeling and dehydration process, resulting in less profit overall,. That’s there are no sellers in the US that offer San Pedro Cactus Powder from cacti grown in the US, the main reason for this. Since the San Pedro Cactus or Pachanoi grows abundantly in Peru, along with more affordable of labor: it is far more economical for Peruvian farmers to provide a much better product for any less expensive than American citizen farmers.

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